Young flute players need your support!

There are several ways you can support the work of the Netherlands Flute Academy.

The most obvious way is to simply come to our concert, but below are some of the other ways you could also contribute.

As Neflac has no overhead, every euro given to Neflac goes directly to the educational programs of the participants.

We keep our supporters posted through newsletters. To get an idea of the contents, click on the following link: newsletter April 2018


We would like to invite you to become a 'Friend' or 'Super Friend' of the Academy and in this way personally support the development of young flute players.
  • receive advanced notice of the Neflac concert agenda
  • free ticket for the Neflac summer concert
'Friends' pay a minimum yearly contribution of 50 euros
'Superfriends' pay a minimum yearly contribution of 100 euros
To become a Neflac Friend or Super Friend, please send an e-mail with your name and address to

Should you prefer to make a one-off donation, we would of course be equally delighted! We leave the amount up to your generosity!

corporate sponsorships
If talent development, ambition, quality, motivation, inspiration or culture and music are words you recognize, then your company and Neflac could be excellent partners.
These companies lead the way
Many foundations warmheartedly encourage the cultural sector and enhance the development of young talent and young musicians.
These foundations support Neflac
Neflac is an organisation that is perfect for fulfilling the community-enriching goals of a service club.
These service clubs already do this. Who will follow?
LT donation
Would you like to support Neflac in a more structured, ongoing form? Then the long-term (LT) donation is the thing to do. We sign an agreement at a notary for the donation and period that suits you. Being a Dutch tax payer, with a legal agreement your donation is tax deductable for income tax. Neflac can prepare the agreement with the notary and with an annual donation of 500 euros of more Neflac also takes the cost. You need the agreement as proof for the tax authorities.
We are very happy with Ronald en Marijke Dijkstra who signed the first legal agreement and support Neflac for at least 5 years! Would you like to choose for a long-term donation, then please contact Neflac business director, Suzanne Wolff via

The Dutch tax authorities have given Neflac charity status (ANBI, or  ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’). Donors can deduct their gifts from income tax or corporate tax.