Neflac Ensemble

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My flute teacher during my secondary school years was like a musical  ‘mother’ for me. During the lessons we had lots of fun and she really was an excellent teacher. I continued playing the flute partly because of her, but the wonderful experience of playing in various chamber ensembles and orchestras aside from my lessons stimulated me even more. - Emily Beynon

Neflac would like to encourage playing together in flute ensembles/orchestras and to share the passion and pleasure with which the players perform with new audiences. Moreover, it is our dream to create a culture of flute orchestras and ensembles here in the Netherlands, wherein playing together motivates and listening inspires.

Since 2011 we have our own Neflac Ensemble with 9 talented (international) flute players, aged between 15 and 30; a selection of participants from Neflac courses since 2009. Whenever possible Neflac’s artistic director, Emily Beynon and Neflac teacher, Wieke Karsten join in too. The Ensemble is directed by flautist and Neflac teacher Jeroen Bron.
More information about the Neflac Ensemble and concerts

The brand new flute sextet, 6Sense, consists of young talented professionals, each with a unique character and artistic qualities. Together they form a dynamic musical ensemble. 6Sense was initiated by Neflac and is coached by Emily.
More information about 6Sense and activities