'Neflac is one of those organisations that keep the world turning. It gives such unbelievable opportunities to young musicians and builds musical and personal memories that they will never forget. I am fortunate enough to be involved with quite a few youth based projects around the world, but Neflac stands out as such a positive experience for all involved. The students professionalism, dedication, intensity and sheer joy of playing music was totally infectious and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of working with them all.' - Dominic Seldis

Neflac in general

The Netherlands Flute Academy (Neflac), an initiative of Emily Beynon and Suzanne Wolff, was established in 2009.

Being passionate about the flute, we contribute to building an active and thriving flute community in the Netherlands.

Society without music is unthinkable. Music has always been in our daily lives and thats for a reason. Music enriches, tells the story of different cultures, connects, enhances the general development of children, stimulates creativity and most of all... is fun to do as well as to listen to.
Music moves each and everyone!!

Above is obvious, but not always recognized. Too often, in the Netherlands, music is positioned at the fringe of society. As an extra.
Neflac wants the flute to have a full-fledged place in Dutch society by showing its unique distinctive identity and character, and familiarize as many people as possible (of all ages)  with the instruments in the flute family, from piccolo to contrabase flute. 

To achieve our vision it is first and foremost important to wake up the flute sector, and direct our energy to make flute playing and listening to flute music more attractive and interesting. With the result that:

  • children and youngsters start - and continue - to play the flute, and  develop their talent
  • conservatoires are a balanced mix of Dutch an international students
  • teaching practices are thriving
  • everywhere flute ensembles and -orchestras are alive and kicking
  • the audience enjoys concerts with flute in the lead
  • in the future the flute section of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra also has Dutch flute players in her ranks!

Our main focus is on education and concerts.

  • Neflac organises educational activities and programmes for 150 participants a year, being Dutch/Flemish flute students aged 9-18, young international flute professionals up to age 30, and flute teachers (see programme)
  • With concerts, Neflac reaches 2.500 people and acquaints them with flute music in all its diversity
  • We started our own Neflac Ensemble and helped to establish flute sextet 6Sense
  • Together with Fluitnoten.nl we make flute repertoire available for flute orchestras and ensembles
  • Via Facebook Neflac is a source of inspiration for >6.000 flute players throughout the world.
  • Recently we started to reach out to people who don't automatically find their way to music, playing an instrument or to us. Think of people who are new in the Netherlands, handicapped people, old people...

And we do more....!
On Emily Beynon's initiative, the Dutch Musical Instruments Foundation (NMF) added a contrabaseflute to her collection which can be used for projects by all flute professionals in the Netherlands.

We have a good cooperation with our colleague flute organisations in the Netherlands and Europe.

Key words
inspire, motivate, stimulate, learn, quality and fun!