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- March 2017: 3 sparkling Neflac Ensemble Concerts

- 4th March Regional Day in Zoetermeer

- 8th April the brand new Neflac Spring Academy for flute teachers and Fjes

Following conversations with flute teachers, amateurs and parents of young flute players, it was decided to put a greater emphasis on establishing activities on a more regional basis. And the result? The very first Regional Day will take place in Zoetermeer on 4th March. It will be organised by flute tea

Regional Day - Zoetermeer
On 4th March Neflac's very first 'Regional Day' will take place in Zoetermeer. It's organised by flute teacher Riëtte Beumer and fellow colleagues, together with four national flute organisations. There'll be an abundance of things to do for flute teachers, students, and amateurs of all ages and abilities, with a special emphasis on Argentinian music. To add to the excitement the preliminary round of the Benelux flute competition will also take place. Click here for the full programme and to enrol.

Spring Academy
NEW - the Neflac Spring Academie on 8 April for flute teachers, Fjes and parents!

Flute teachers: (Dutch language) from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m sound & share. Just like last year, we will rehearse a flute orchestra programme together, but this time we will have much more time for the in-depth exchange of ideas and themes relating to and important for flute teachers.
Fjes: (Dutch language) from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.  a super afternoon afternoon of fluting led by experienced teacher, Francien Post. The work will focus on improving technique and playing together.
Parents: (essentially Dutch language) from 4 p.m. - 5 p.m. a workshop for parents about how you can best support your child when they are learning the flute or another music instrument. 

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Haynes Alto Flute
“We at the Wm. S. Haynes Flute Company are thrilled to welcome Emily Beynon to our family of Haynes Artists. It is our pleasure to donate a beautiful Haynes-Amadeus Alto Flute to the wonderful Nederlandse Fluit Academie! It is our hope that this instrument enriches timbre of the marvellous Neflac Flute Ensemble!"

Neflac Ensemble
In the spring of 2017 again 3 exciting concerts on the programme of the Neflac Ensemble! A combi-concert with Alice Ploeg and students, and concerts in Aalsmeer and Baarn.
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