Flute series

At many Neflac concerts and also at the Anniversary concert, arrangements by Jeroen Bron (flute player and Neflac teacher) have been performed, and also Flute Focus which was written especially for Neflac by Thijs van Leer. For some time it had been our dream to make these arrangements for flute ensemble/orchestra available to anyone else who would like to play them. We are now happy to be able to present these in a new series, in collaboration with fluitnoten.nl! We hope you will have as much fun playing them as we do!

The following works are currently available at fluitnoten.nl as well as at the fluitnoten.nl app.

Recording from 6Sense and Emily Beynon

Click here for a recording during the Summer Academy 2015

Click here to listen to a recording from the Neflac Ensemble

Click here to here the Neflac Ensemble play Telemann



Digital versions: